Wrapping Around the World

How much string is needed to wrap around the world?

Walking Around the World

Compare the distance a man’s head travels to the distance his feet travel when he walks around the world.

Surface Area

Relate the surface area of a sphere to the area of a circle.

Surrounding Squares

Find a method that will construct a square that has the same area as the area of a given circle.

Circle Inscribed in a Semicircle

Compare attributes of a circle that is inscribed in a semicircle to attributes of that semicircle.

Segment Areas

Determine the measure of the central angle of a circle that will make the shaded region’s area 1/ 4 of the entire circle’s area.

Dividing Pizza

Compare slices of pizza from pizzas with different diameters.

Summing Circles

Finding the cumulative area of shrinking circles.

Inscribed Circle

Finding an estimation for the area of a circle.

Target Areas

Determine the area of a target formed by concentric circles.