Solve the following situation without using any kind of computational algorithm.

  • Someone ate 1/10 of a pizza. If you eat 2/3 of what is left, how much of the whole pizza have you eaten?
  • Andrea had 1/3 of a birthday cake. She ate ¼ of her portion of cake. What portion of the whole cake did Andrea eat?
  • Trevor had 2/3 of a lawn to cut when he left for lunch. He cut ¼ of it before his afternoon break. What portion of the whole lawn did he cut between lunch and break time?
  • When the boys came home from school, they had glasses of milk. Brandon drank 1/5 of the container of milk. Jerome drank 3/4 of what was left. How much of the container of milk did Jerome drink?

Describe your approaches to solving each problem.

(Source: Adapted from Van de Walle and Lovin, 2006)