Paint Less Cubes

How many of the one-inch cubes will have no paint on them?

Face Painting

Determine the volume of the prism that was formed if a certain number of its faces were not painted.

Comparing Properties

Find the ratio of the volume of a cube to the surface area.

Netting a Maximum

Find the largest-volume box that Julia can construct.

Soma Cubes

Create your own set of soma cubes pieces and explore how they can fit together.

Peeling an Orange

Use an orange’s peel to discover a formula relating the surface area to a sphere’s radius.

Faces, Vertices, and Edges

Find a relationship between the number of edges, faces and vertices in three-dimensional objects.

Creating a Polyhedron

Determine the properties of Polyhedra.

Nets of a Cube

Devise nets to a cube.

Right and Oblique Cylinders

Examine surface area and volume of a right cylinder and an oblique cylinder.