What is .999…?

Can a number have two decimal representations?

Integers and Egyptian Fractions

Explore partial sums of series when they are equal to an integer value.

What values of ….?

Find situations where a fractional expression can simplify to a whole number.

Continued Fractions

Determine the value of a fraction that continually repeats itself.

Decimal Pattern

Examine the patterns in a graph of the truncated portion of a multiple as a function of its multiple.

Amazing Fractions

Find a set of digits that will produce a special property when simplifying fractions.

Math and Cookies

Determine a fair payment for people who want to share cookies.

Bus Stops

How many people were on a bus before the bus reached its first stop?

Renting a Car

Is it more economical to rent a car or ride the bus?

Surrounding Numbers

Supply missing numbers that are equally spaced and “surround” 2.1 on the given number lines.