Sum of Exterior Angles

Determine the sum of the exterior angles in any polygon.

Same Area: Triangle & Square

Construct a triangle that always has the same area as a square.

Rhombus and Circular Pool

Find a way to build the largest circular pool in a rhombus-shaped backyard.

Triangle or Square

Dissect a triangle into four parts so that it can be rearranged into a square.

Increasing Area

If the area of a rectangle increases, how much does its length and width increase?

Folding Squares

Use the perimeter of a rectangle to determine the area of a square.

Biggie Size It (Square)

If the area of a square increases by a certain amount, how long is an edge of the original square?

Land Dispute

Help settle a dispute over land between Squaresville and Centerville.

Constructing Squares

Can you construct a square that has twice the area of another square?

Triangle in a Quadrilateral

Given the ratio of a quadrilateral’s length to width, find the ratio of the area of a special shaded region to the area of the quadrilateral.