Two Squares

Explore the relationship between length and area.

Isosceles Trapezoid

Investigate properties of an isosceles trapezoid.

Equal Sides

Construct an equal-sided quadrilateral inside a trapezoid or other quadrilateral.

Double the Fun

Determine ways to double the dimensions of quadrilaterals.

Optimal Quadrilaterals

Determine the largest area of a quadrilateral for a given perimeter.

Mystery Quadrilaterals

Classify a quadrilateral by making measurements in a dynamic construction.

Quadrilaterals Inscribed Inside Quadrilaterals

Explore properties of quadrilaterals constructed using the midpoints of the sides of given quadrilaterals.

Diagonals of Quadrilaterals

Explore the properties of the diagonals of various quadrilaterals.

Constructing Quadrilaterals 1

Given two parallel lines, form various quadrilaterals.


Make a triangle from a quadrilateral without changing the area.