Purple Paint

One batch of a certain shade of purple paint is made by mixing 3 pails of blue paint with 2 pails of red paint. A. Complete the following ratio table: B. What patterns do you notice in the rows and columns? How would the entries in the nth column of the table be related to […]

Raising Salaries

How much was Sally earning 8 years ago?

Red and Green Marbles

What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the ratio of red marbles to green marbles becomes 5 to 8?

Discounting Cars

Help a car dealer decide how much to mark down her old inventory.

Increasing Area

If the area of a rectangle increases how much does its length and width increase?

Bouncing Ball

Determine how high a ball rebounds with each bounce.

It’s On Lacey

How much lunch can Lacey afford? 

Buying Ping Pong Balls

How many balls did Alice buy? 

Predicting the Value of a House

How much will the Miller’s house be worth thirty years?

The Tortoise and the Hare

How long was the hare asleep if the tortoise wins the race?