Increasing Your Chances

What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the probability of getting a red marble is 7/8?

One Probability

How many red marbles do you need?

Adding Marbles

Add green marbles to a bag so that the probability of drawing a green marble is 3/4.

Unfair Coins

Explore the probabilities associated with a coin toss that is more likely to land on one side.

Choosing Multiples of 5

Investigate the probability of selecting multiples in a group of real numbers.

Triangles in a Hexagon

Determine the probability that a point inside a hexagon is also inside a triangle that shares common vertices.

Varying Probabilities

Examine the probability of a spinner landing in a sector of a circle graph with unequal areas.

Triangle Inside a Parallelogram

Determine the probability that a point inside a triangle will also be in a parallelogram.

Monte Carlo Method

Generate random numbers to find a mystery number related to the radius of a circle.

Let’s Make a Deal

Find the best method for winning a car behind a mystery door.

Buying Cereal for Prizes

Determine the number of cereal boxes you would need to purchase in order to collect all of the prizes.

Rolling Dice

Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities as you increase the number of times that dice are rolled.