Medians of a Triangle

Determine the relationship between the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle and its centroid.

Equation of a Circle

Find the equation of a circle based on its radius and locus of coordinates.

The Slope of a Curve

Explore the variability of the slope of a curve on small intervals.

X-Intercept Transformations

Identify the change in the x-intercepts of a function when you reverse its leading coefficient and constant term.

Maximums of Functions

Determine which type of functions have maximums and under what circumstances those maximums occur.

Intersecting Graphs

Determine which pairs of functions produce the greatest number of intersections.

Solving Graphically

Identify the solution to an equation by examining its graph.

Comparing Lines

Examine the relationship between the coefficients in two linear functions if they are parallel, perpendicular, share the same intercept, and more.

Slopes and Angles of Elevation

Determine the relationship between the slope of a line and the angle it makes with a horizontal line.

Properties of Parabolas

Observe how the coefficients of a quadratic equation affect properties on the graph.