Jumping Monkeys

Do ratios always make sense?

Modeling Proportions

Use different models to explore proportional relationships.


What is the relationship in each pair of problems?

Inverse Changes

How do percentages affect inverse proportions?

Ratio of a+b to b+c

Determine the relationship between ratios.

Exploring Rectangle Properties

Explore the relationship between increases in area and perimeter.

Maximum Capacity

Determine how many adults and children can get on a ferry boat.

Going to the Movies

Predict the cost of the movie tickets.

Double Dollars

What is the fewest number of years until an investment doubles in value?

Comparing Properties

Find the ratio of the volume of a cube to its surface area.

Dreaming in a Lifetime

How many years has a 14 year old spent dreaming?

Fair Share

If Trina and Mariel started painting at different times, what is Mariel’s fair share of the earnings?

The National Debt

With a population of approximately 275 million people in the United States, what is your share of the national debt?

The Final Score

Determine possible scores for missing math exams.

Drinking Coca Cola

Determine the number of people in an initial sample of people taste testing their favorite soft drink.

Magical Combinations

Determine why a procedure always lead to a certain result.

Creating an Alloy

Determine how much manganese, carbon, and aluminum exist in an alloy.

Altitude to the Hypotenuse

Find as many possible proportions that exist in a given situation.

Inversely Proportional

How are inversely proportional relationships related?

Double Trouble

Modify components of a square and determine if a proportional relationship exists.

Proportional Rectangles

Determine if the relationship is proportional.

Proportions and Graphs

Determine which problems are proportion problems and which are not.

Side Splitter

Find a relationship between sides in two triangles.

Shopping for Soup

Help Cathy figure out which soup is the best buy.

Which Movie is Best?

How did these students decide which is the best movie?

Segment Area Ratios

Find the relationship between the sides and areas of two triangles.

Balancing the Centroid

Describe how a triangle’s median is divided.

Building Roofs

Make a scale drawing of what a roof would look like.

Which is Larger?

Consider the assumptions we make when we compare fractions.

Ratios and Fractions

Determine the relationship between fractions and ratios.

Rational or Irrational?

Determine whether ratios and fractions are rational or irrational.

How Does Zero Fit In?

Where is it okay to use a zero in ratios and fractions?

An Irrational Ratio

Consider a ratio formed by measurements in a circle.

Ratios and Part-to-Whole Fractions

Look for differences between ratios and fractions.

Trigonometry Ratios

Explain a general rule for determining the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle in a right triangle.

Ratio of Fibonacci

Use the Fibonacci’s sequence to examine ratios.

Mathematical Football Players

Consider how the number of football players can be represented as fractions and ratios.

Camera Lens Aperture

Looking at the inversely proportional relationship between camera aperture and f-stops in photography.

Volume and Pressure

Looking at how inverse proportion relates to science.