Pizza Pizzazz

Thomas complains the prices of pizzas at a restaurant are unfair. Why?

Wheeling Along

Determine the number of times a smaller wheel must revolve before a larger wheel begins rolling if the wheels will eventually meet under certain conditions.

Tangent Lines to a Circle

How does a tangent line relate to the radius that intersects the tangent line?

Packing Circles

Investigate how many circles you can pack inside a square.

Locus of Reflection

Trace the path of a reflected point to determine a pattern and the reason the pattern occurs.

Inscribed Parallelogram

What must be true about a parallelogram that is inscribed in a circle?

Quarter-Circle Spiral

What relationships can you find between the radii of quarter circles?

Equidistant Chords

Determine the relationship between two segments that have endpoints on a circle if the segments are the same perpendicular distance away from the center of the circle.

Passing thru the Center

What is the relationship between two circles relate that pass through each other’s centers?

Perpendicular Bisectors

Describe the significance of the perpendicular bisectors of two segments that have endpoints on a given circle.