Inscribed in a Triangle

Construct a circle inscribed in a triangle so that it will always remain inscribed in the triangle.

Inscribed in a Semi-Circle

Examine the angles inscribed in a semicircle.

Opposite Angles

Find a relationship between the opposite angles in a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle.

Squaring the Circumference

Find a method that will construct a square that has the same perimeter as the circumference of a given circle.

Grazing for Mooey

How many square meters of grazing ground does Mooey the cow have?

The Bicycle Problem

Compare the radius of a bicycle wheel to the number of revolutions the wheel makes.

Running in Circles

Can Peanut the dog get a drink of water if his bowl of water is 20 feet away from the stake he is tied to?

A Common Ratio

Compare the ratio of the circumference (C) and the diameter (d) of several circles.

Rationalize Pi

Approximate pi with a rational number.

N-Sided Circle?

Compare the perimeters of polygons to the circumference of a circle.