Purple Paint

One batch of a certain shade of purple paint is made by mixing 3 pails of blue paint with 2 pails of red paint. A. Complete the following ratio table: B. What patterns do you notice in the rows and columns? How would the entries in the nth column of the table be related to […]

Raising Salaries

How much was Sally earning 8 years ago?

Red and Green Marbles

What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the ratio of red marbles to green marbles becomes 5 to 8?

Discounting Cars

Help a car dealer decide how much to mark down her old inventory.

Increasing Area

If the area of a rectangle increases how much does its length and width increase?

Bouncing Ball

Determine how high a ball rebounds with each bounce.

It’s On Lacey

How much lunch can Lacey afford? 

Buying Ping Pong Balls

How many balls did Alice buy? 

Predicting the Value of a House

How much will the Miller’s house be worth thirty years?

The Tortoise and the Hare

How long was the hare asleep if the tortoise wins the race?

Choosing a Loan

Determine which car loan would you pick. 

Math in Motion

Explore the relationship of graphs and motion.

Adding Ratios

What happens when you add ratios.

Angle Bisector

Given a triangle and an angle bisector, determine proportions comparing the lengths of the line segments on the sides of the triangle.

Similar Triangles

Determine proportions comparing the side lengths of similar triangles.

Let’s Play Ball!

Determine the number of plate appearances of a baseball player.

The Slope of a Parabola

Explore the properties of the slope between two points on a parabola.

Boys and Girls in the Class

Explore the properties of ratio of boys-to-girls in several classrooms.

End Behaviors with Constant Ratio

Find two functions that produce a constant ratio for large x.

Geometric Sequences and Series

Explore the properties of geometric sequences and series.