Inscribing & Circumscribing Polygons

Construct polygons using a dynamic geometry software that are inscribed in a circle or circumscribe about a circle.

Perplexing Pentominoes

Explore with pentominoes.

Pentagram Triangles

How many triangles are formed?

Same Size Perimeter

If the perimeter remains the same, can the area change?

Avoiding a Pentagon

Can you draw points on a piece of paper so that it is not possible to connect them to form a convex pentagon?

Dividing a Trapezoid

Divide a given shape into 4 congruent shapes.

N-Sided Circle?

Compare the perimeters of polygons to the circumference of the circle.

Round Robin Tournament

Use the sides and diagonals in a regular polygon to create a round robin tournament.

Diagonals in a Polygon

Consider the number of diagonals in a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon.

Symmetry Lines II

Find polygons that have line symmetry. Many polygons do not have line symmetry.