Divide into n-th Segment

Divide sides of a polygon to construct polygons in the interior region of another polygon.

Apothem and Area

Explore the relationship between the apothem, perimeter, and area of a regular polygon.

Pentagons with Restricted Perimeter

Find the largest possible area of a pentagon with a restricted perimeter.

Triangles in Hexagons

Determine the probability that a point inside a hexagon is also inside a triangle that shares common vertices.

Medial Polygons

Investigate the characteristics of a polygon that is generated by connecting the midpoints of consecutive sides of a polygon.

Constructing a Square

Use a dynamic software tool to construct a square in different ways.

Sum of Angles in a Polygon

Explore the relationship between the number of sides of a polygon and the sum of its interior angles.

Vertex Angles in a Regular Polygon

Investigate how the vertex angle of a regular polygon relates to its number of sides.

Tessellation Restrictions

Determine which polygons can tessellate.