Taking Classes

Given certain parameters, how many possible students can take math and English, science and English, and math and science?

Heavy Traffic

Observe the road in front of the school and record the number of cars passing each way at different times. Which day and time of the day has the heaviest traffic on the road.

Computer Usage

Design a survey about computer ownership and type of usage among the students in your school and report your results.

Movie Budgets

Choose the correct graph to display data about movie budgets to Warner Brothers.

Missing Test Scores

Given the standard deviation for a set of data, find the missing test score.

Burning Candle

Determine which brand of candle would you buy among three different brands.

Oil Consumption

Determine which countries has more consistent oil consumption.

How is the Weather?

Determine which of the locations has the most consistent temperatures.

Means of 1000

Finding averages of natural numbers.

Average Patterns

Use the average of four 26’s and four 34’s to determine the average of four of another number.