The Deep Freeze

Find the missing temperatures.

Basketball Performance

Determine the number of baskets you think you will make in the next game.

Favorite Dessert

Determine the number of people that could have taken the survey.

Home Run Kings

Determine which baseball player has the best chance to break the all time home run record set by Hank Aaron.

Large, Larger, Largest

Find a data set that has a median larger than its mean, and a mean larger than its mode.

Movie Popularity

How does 1) the weekend total for the top ten movies at the theater, and 2) the total gross for the top ten movies at the theater compare?

The Best Baseball Team

Determine who is the “best” team in modern history.

Organizing M&M’s

Describe the distribution of colors in a bag of m&m’s.

New Nummies

Analyze data on a new product and present the findings to the president of your company.

Averages and Midpoints

Determine if a student’s method of computing averages using midpoints always works.