Taking Classes

Given certain parameters, how many possible students can take math and English, science and English, and math and science?

Too Many Dogs

Determine how many dogs Elizabeth owns.

Getting Free

How should a prisoner arrange 200 balls so that the prisoner has the greatest possibility of going free?

Matching Socks

Determine the number of socks you should pull out in order to guarantee that you will have a pair.

Mystery Envelopes

Knowing what’s in one envelope, should you keep your envelope or switch and ask for the other one?

Getting on Base

How many hits would you expect your favorite baseball player to have in the next 15 at-bats?

Hitting the Bulls-eye

How many times would you expect to throw the dart until you hit the bulls-eye?

Bonus Free Throws

Given Rachel’s free throw percentage, will she send the game into overtime?

Unusual Occurence

Can a fair coin that is tossed ten times land on heads all ten times?

Ground Zero

Consider events with probabilities equal to 0.