Job Interview

Help Zach determine how many different outfits he has to wear on job interviews.

Photo Exchange

Determine how many photos are exchanged.

The Card Game

Can you tell how long had friends have played cards together?

Without Blue or Brown

How many students have a particular color of hair and eyes in a class of 30 students?

What are the Super Bowl Odds?

Can you pick the winner of the Super Bowl?

Foolproof Lottery?

Determine the likelihood of winning the lottery.

Sum of the Dice

Determine the sum that will appear most frequently.

Absent-minded Students

What is the probability that two students came up with the same answer to a question on an exam?

Heavy Traffic

Observe the road in front of the school and record the number of cars passing each way at different times. Which day and time of the day has the heaviest traffic on the road.

Computer Usage

Design a survey about computer ownership and type of usage among the students in your school and report your results.