Too Many Dogs

Determine how many dogs Elizabeth owns.

Getting Free

How should a prisoner arrange 200 balls so that the prisoner has the greatest possibility of going free?

Matching Socks

Determine the number of socks you should pull out in order to guarantee that you will have a pair.

Mystery Envelopes

Knowing what’s in one envelope, should you keep your envelope or switch and ask for the other one?

Getting on Base

How many hits would you expect your favorite baseball player to have in the next 15 at-bats?

Hitting the Bulls-eye

How many times would you expect to throw the dart until you hit the bulls-eye?

Bonus Free Throws

Given Rachel’s free throw percentage, will she send the game into overtime?

Unusual Occurence

Can a fair coin that is tossed ten times land on heads all ten times?

Ground Zero

Consider events with probabilities equal to 0.

Octahedron in a Cube

Determine the probability that a point lies in a particular area.

Pyramid in a Box

Determine the probability that a point lies in a particular area.

Medial Properties

Find the probability that a point randomly selected in a large triangle will also be in a smaller triangle formed by connecting the midpoints of the large triangle’s sides.

Forming a Triangle

Given certain circumstances, determine the probability of forming various triangles.

Estimating Acreage

Design a simulation that will help you determine the number of acres in the state you live in.

Tying the Knot

Determine the chances that a couple can get married under an ancient aboriginal tribe custom about marriage.

Identical Birthdays

What is the probability that someone in a class will have the same birthday as you?

Tossing Coins in Pascal’s Triangle

Relating the rows of Pascal’s Triangle to the outcomes of coin tossing.

Football Scoring

What is the probability that a team had at least 3 touchdowns in a particular game?

Lining Up

Find the different ways it is possible for people to line up.

Job Interview

Help Zach determine how many different outfits he has to wear on job interviews.

Photo Exchange

Determine how many photos are exchanged.

The Card Game

Can you tell how long had friends have played cards together?

Without Blue or Brown

How many students have a particular color of hair and eyes in a class of 30 students?

What are the Super Bowl Odds?

Can you pick the winner of the Super Bowl?

Foolproof Lottery?

Determine the likelihood of winning the lottery.

Sum of the Dice

Determine the sum that will appear most frequently.

Absent-minded Students

What is the probability that two students came up with the same answer to a question on an exam?