Clothes Shopping

Determine which outfit is cheaper in the long run.

Bouncing Ball

Determine how high a ball rebounds with each bounce.

Supper with Skiing

Determine the cost of dinner included in a package deal offered by a ski resort.

Arranging Toothpicks

What is the total number of toothpicks used to build a rectangular grid?

Efficient Fencing

Build a fence that will maximize a region surrounded by a natural boundary.

Intersecting Functions

Explore various cases about the intersections of a linear and quadratic function.

End Behavior

Examine criteria for producing functions with converging or diverging end behavior.

Moving Parabolas

Generalize the effects on the roots and minimum when modifying a coefficient of a function in the form

Coefficients that Affect the Graph

Observe changes in functions as you modify their coefficients.

Multiple Inequalities

Identify linear inequalities that determine a predesignated solution.