Travel of Ant Z on a Parabola

Ant Z wants to go from the point (-1,1) to the point (2,4) by staying on the curve y = x2. How long is the distance Ant Z travels on this portion of the curve?

Approximate with Technology: Trisecting Angle

Determine how a trisection of an angle can be approximated using geometry software.

Intersecting Lines

Determine how many different possibilities exist for the number of points of intersection of nineteen lines.

Mining through Coordinates

Cross a mine field in a coordinate plane without hitting any of the mines.

I’ve Sunk Your Battleship!

Play the game of “Battleship” by placing your ships in the coordinate plane. The first person to lose all of their ships has to surrender to defeat!


Write the formula for a function that will cross as many globs as possible. Graph to see how many globs are crossed over, or “smashed.”

Rotating Coordinates

State the new location of (x,y) after rotating it a certain number of degrees.

Splitting Areas

Describe the relationship between two areas in a given triangle.

Mean Vertex

Determine the location of a point inside a quadrilateral.

Finding the Midpoint

How do the coordinates of a midpoint of a segment relate to the coordinates of the endpoints?