What is .999…?

Can a number have two decimal representations?

Integers and Egyptian Fractions

Explore partial sums of series when they are equal to an integer value.

What values of ….?

Find situations where a fractional expression can simplify to a whole number.

Continued Fractions

Determine the value of a fraction that continually repeats itself.

Decimal Pattern

Examine the patterns in a graph of the truncated portion of a multiple as a function of its multiple.

Amazing Fractions

Find a set of digits that will produce a special property when simplifying fractions.

Math and Cookies

Determine a fair payment for people who want to share cookies.

Bus Stops

How many people were on a bus before the bus reached its first stop?

Renting a Car

Is it more economical to rent a car or ride the bus?

Surrounding Numbers

Supply missing numbers that are equally spaced and “surround” 2.1 on the given number lines.

Growing Strawberries

How many pints of strawberries will you have to grow before you earn a profit?

Students in the Class

Determine the number of boys and girls in a class.

Halfway to a Series

Find the sum of a series.

Increasing by One-Half

Can you increase a fraction by one-half by adding the same integer to both the numerator and denominator?

Buying Polliwogs

Find the regular price of one polliwog.

Unusual Property

Identify two fractions whose sum is equal to the sum of the numerators divided by the sum of the denominators.

The Salesman and the Eggs

Find the number of eggs sold when a salesman sells a fraction of his eggs at a time.

Perfect Square

Find a perfect square with a specified property.

Proper Fraction Fury

Investigate procedures with proper fractions.

Splitting Fractions in “Two”

Find two unique unit fractions whose sum is equal to a given fraction.

Dividing by Zero

Why can’t the denominator of a fraction be zero?

Creating Integers

Explore the relationship between a fraction and its decimal equivalent.