Four Number Challenge

Does the absolute value of four numbers always lead to zero?

Same Base Multiples and Exponents

Find the power of 4 that is equivalent to a given expression.

Double Exponents

Find the power of 2 that is equivalent to a given expression.

Super Soccer

How many full size soccer teams and how many “short formation” soccer teams will Supertown field?

Pages with Digits

How many pages are in the book?

Proper Patterns

Given some of the proper factors of a number, what could the number be?

Hypatia’s Triumph

Take on the Egyptian Hypatia’s challenge about sums of squares.

Double Trouble

Find a number that fits this description.

The Frog Race

Two frogs have a race. Determine which frog wins the race.

Perfecting 90

How can 90 become a perfect square? a perfect cube?

Three Daughters

Determine the age of each daughter.

Multiples of 72

What is the relationship between two divisors and their product, sum, difference, and quotient?

Choose an Elevator

Determine which of two elevators reaches the lobby first.

Almost a Square

What rectangle can you form that is close to a square?

Blocked Off

Determine how many blocks Jeff has.

Save the Princess

Help Princess Stunning find a particular perfect square number.

Keeping Pace

How fast do two joggers run?

Greatest Product

Find the greatest possible product of two natural numbers who have a particular sum.

OOPS! I Subtracted

You know what you get when you multiply and subtract, but what two numbers did you start with?

Consecutive Sum

Given the sum of consecutive numbers, find the least of these numbers.

Inventory Supplies

How many packages of colored pens is an art-supply store selling?

Collecting Stamps

Determine how many stamps Jessica has.

Scoring the Winning Goal

How many games did the Maple Leafs win, lose, or tie?

Salary Schedule

How many total days did a man work?

Fair Time

Set up a schedule so that each person plays basketball for the same amount of time.

Willing Money

Determine the amount of inheritance each family member receives.

Consuming Candy

Determine the cost of packages of gummy bears, caramels, and jaw breakers.

Negative Exponents

Explore the relationship of positive and negative exponents.

Average Score

Using test scores and their average, find the missing test scores.

Want to be a Millionaire?

If a bank doubles your money, how long will it take to become a millionaire.

Squares and Differences

Determine the relationship of the squares of three consecutive integers. 

Difference of Squares

Find positive integers which can be written as sum or difference of squares.

Minimizing Products

Find two positive integers with a given sum and who have the smallest product.

Planning Cruises

Determine three different length cruises that will leave on the same day.

36 Divisibility

Explore some numbers divisible by 36. 

The Last Digit

Given a number raised to a large power, find the ones digit of the expansion.

Fibonacci Extended

Identify an explicit pattern between terms in a group of numbers that are generated recursively.