High Score

Find the lowest and highest scores Johnny could have received on one test.

Unlucky 13

Determine the new mean of a set of integers after two more integers are added to the list.

Removing the Ends

Determine Jonathon’s scores in a diving competition knowing that to calculate his final score for the dive, the highest and lowest scores were removed and the average was then taken of the remaining scores.

Resulting Means

Determine the new mean of a list of numbers when two more numbers are added to the list.

Dividing Oranges

How many oranges were in a fifth basket?

Final Score

What score does a student need on the fifth contest to finish with an average score of 4 on the five contests?

Larry’s Score

How does Larry’s final test score relate to the total number of tests?

Missing Numbers

Find two missing numbers in a set given information such as the other eleven numbers and the mean and median of the set.

How Much is that Car?

Predict the price of a new automobile of that same make and model.

Predicting Deer Population

Respond to rumors about overpopulation of deer in the forest.