Minimum Perimeters

Find the minimum perimeter for a rectangle with a given area.

Penning for Pony

What are the dimensions of the largest rectangular pen Ted can make for his pony?

Tripling Perimeter

Find the length and width of a rectangle.

Rectangular Percents

Compare a rectangle’s area when its length and width are changed.

Tri-Square Trios

Find pairs of triangular numbers whose sum is a square number.

Almost a Square

What rectangle can you form that is close in shape to a square?

Dividing Rectangles

Find the possible areas of a rectangle that is formed from a larger integral rectangle.

Rectangle Squares

Given the perimeter of a rectangle, find its area.

Water Stop

How far does Paul walk to get a drink of water?

Transforming Triangle

What is the perimeter of a rectangle formed from an equilateral triangle?