Explore Symmetry with Altitudes and Medians.

Triangular Numbers

Explore the sequence of triangular numbers.

Triangles Inscribed Inside Triangles

Explore properties of triangles constructed using the midpoint of given triangles.

Constructing Isosceles Triangles

Explain how to construct isosceles triangles.


Tile a square patio with triangular tiles.

Slicing Triangles

Cut any given triangle into triangles of equal area.

Prime Scalene

Find the smallest possible perimeter of a scalene triangle.

Triangles Inside a Trapezoid

Use the area of a triangle to transform a trapezoid into different quadrilaterals.

Area Formulas

Investigate the areas of triangles in a variety of ways.

Interactive Pythagoras

Use the concept of area to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem.