Want to be a Millionaire?

If a bank doubles your money, how long will it take to become a millionaire.

Squares and Differences

Determine the relationship of the squares of three consecutive integers. 

Difference of Squares

Find positive integers which can be written as sum or difference of squares.

Minimizing Products

Find two positive integers with a given sum and who have the smallest product.

Planning Cruises

Determine three different length cruises that will leave on the same day.

36 Divisibility

Explore some numbers divisible by 36. 

The Last Digit

Given a number raised to a large power, find the ones digit of the expansion.

Fibonacci Extended

Identify an explicit pattern between terms in a group of numbers that are generated recursively.

Integers and Egyptian Fractions

Explore partial sums of series when they are equal to an integer value.

What values of ….?

Find situations where a fractional expression can simplify to a whole number.