Which is Larger?

Consider the assumptions we make when we compare fractions.

Ratios and Fractions

Determine the relationship between fractions and ratios.

Rational or Irrational?

Determine whether ratios and fractions are rational or irrational.

How Does Zero Fit In?

Where is it okay to use a zero in ratios and fractions?

An Irrational Ratio

Consider a ratio formed by measurements in a circle.

Ratios and Part-to-Whole Fractions

Look for differences between ratios and fractions.

Trigonometry Ratios

Explain a general rule for determining the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle in a right triangle.

Ratio of Fibonacci

Use the Fibonacci’s sequence to examine ratios.

Mathematical Football Players

Consider how the number of football players can be represented as fractions and ratios.

Multiple Calculations

Place the digits 1 through 9 in the empty boxes in a special way.