Dreaming in a Lifetime

How many years has a 14 year old spent dreaming?

Fair Share

If Trina and Mariel started painting at different times, what is Mariel’s fair share of the earnings?

The National Debt

With a population of approximately 275 million people in the United States, what is your share of the national debt?

The Final Score

Determine possible scores for missing math exams.

Drinking Coca Cola

Determine the number of people in an initial sample of people taste testing their favorite soft drink.

Magical Combinations

Determine why a procedure always lead to a certain result.

Creating an Alloy

Determine how much manganese, carbon, and aluminum exist in an alloy.

Altitude to the Hypotenuse

Find as many possible proportions that exist in a given situation.

Inversely Proportional

How are inversely proportional relationships related?

Double Trouble

Modify components of a square and determine if a proportional relationship exists.