Twice Reflecting over Parallel Lines

Find the distance between two points reflected over parallel lines.

Dilating Coordinates

What happens when you multiply both coordinates of a point by the same number and then plot this new point?

Specific Slopes

Determine the relationships of the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Reflecting Coordinates

What line can you reflect the point (x,y) about in order to end up at various positions?

As the Crow Travels

Can you devise a strategy so that the distance you travel in a car is exactly twice the distance that a crow flies, yet you both start at the same spot and end up at the same spot?

Map Coloring

Color a map of a continent with many countries so that no two bordering countries are the same color.

Different Measures of Center

Find a data set that has a median larger than its mean, and a mean larger than its mode.

Drinking Coca-Cola

Determine the number of people in an initial sample of people who taste tested soft drinks.

Popular Movies

Compare 1) the weekend total for the top ten movies at the theater, and 2) the total gross for the top ten movies at the theater.

Counting M&M’s

Describe the distribution of colors in a bag of M&M’s.