Taking Classes

Given certain parameters, how many possible students can take math and English, science and English, and math and science?

Mystery Number

What is the mystery number that fits the description?

Palindrome Odometer

Determine how fast a bus was traveling during two hours of time.

Paper Folding

Determine the thickness of folded paper.

Phone Tree

Determine the structure of a telephone tree used by eighth graders in Jefferson County who offered to help when the river flooded their town.

Going to the Movies

Predict the cost of the movie tickets.

Library Fines

Help Minerva sort out her charges from the school library.

Sales Options

Which salary option should Mrs. Lee, the top salesperson in the company, take?

Double Dollars

What is the fewest number of years until an investment doubles in value?

Judy’s Gift

How much money did Judy give Dave?