Not So Good Partitions

Find all positive whole numbers that are not “good” numbers.

Laying Bricks

How many ways are there to lay bricks to form different patio patterns?

Row Sum

In the given arrangement of numbers, investigate the sum of all the numbers in a row.

Alpha Numeric

Fill in the next letter of the alphabet, using the logic established to list the first eight.

Triangular Array

What numeral will be listed directly beneath 125 when the triangular array is continued?

Add, Add, Subtract

What is the value of the expression?

Counting Stones

Following the counting pattern described, which of the original nine stones is counted as stone #599?

Adding Places

How many times will the digits of each number in a set add to equal 8?

Spreading Rumors

It is important for 8000 people to hear a rumor by May 14. Is this outcome likely to occur if the pattern for spreading the rumor continues as started?

Units of Seven

Find the units digit of a large number.