Consider the infinite sums of some numbers.

Hot Air Balloon

Determine the height of a hot air balloon over time based on a recursive condition.

Pascal’s Patterns

Identify patterns in a triangular array of numbers.

Infinite Series

Determine the sum of various infinite series and investigate how to tell if a series will converge.

Gone Fishing

Determine the terms of an arithmetic sequence given its constant difference, number of terms, and sum.

Fibonacci Extended

Identify an explicit pattern between terms in a group of numbers that are generated recursively.

Multiplying Rabbits

Examine how the family tree of a rabbit forms the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.

Nugget Numbers

Find combinations of McDonald’s Chicken McNugget orders that will and will not generate different natural numbers.

Fractions into Whole Numbers

Find three whole numbers that can be substituted into a fractional expression so that the expression evaluates to a whole number.

Patterns in a Table

Investigate numeric relationships in a two dimensional matrix generated by a polynomial function with two variables.