Pyramid in a Box

Determine the probability that a point lies in a particular area.

Medial Properties

Find the probability that a point randomly selected in a large triangle will also be in a smaller triangle formed by connecting the midpoints of the large triangle’s sides.

Forming a Triangle

Given certain circumstances, determine the probability of forming various triangles.

Estimating Acreage

Design a simulation that will help you determine the number of acres in the state you live in.

Tying the Knot

Determine the chances that a couple can get married under an ancient aboriginal tribe custom about marriage.

Identical Birthdays

What is the probability that someone in a class will have the same birthday as you?

Tossing Coins in Pascal’s Triangle

Relating the rows of Pascal’s Triangle to the outcomes of coin tossing.

Football Scoring

What is the probability that a team had at least 3 touchdowns in a particular game?

Lining Up

Find the different ways it is possible for people to line up.

Job Interview

Help Zach determine how many different outfits he has to wear on job interviews.