Bouncing Ball

How many times does the special bouncing ball hit the ground?

Nails in a Pail

Determine how much a pail and nails weigh.

Integer Function

Find the smallest integer for which an expression results in an integer.

Unknown Distance

Determine the distance between two points.

Choosing Salaries

Your principal wants to hire you to work for her for ten days. Determine which way would you earn the most money.

Lucky Find

How much money did Karen have before she found the $2?

Collecting Baseball Cards

On what day will Mike have exactly 100 baseball cards?

The Game Show

Determine what each question is worth on a television game show.

The Gonzalez Family

How old is each of the Gonzalez children?

Legs and Seats

How many more legs than seats are in the leftover Seats ‘R’ Us factory inventory?