Comparing the Arithmetic Mean, Geometry Mean, and Harmonic Mean

Using a graphs, what can you say about how the arithmetic mean compares to the geometric mean and the harmonic mean?

Increasing Your Chances

What would you have to add to a package of marbles so that the probability of getting a red marble is 7/8?

One Probability

How many red marbles do you need?

Adding Marbles

Add green marbles to a bag so that the probability of drawing a green marble is 3/4.

Unfair Coins

Explore the probabilities associated with a coin toss that is more likely to land on one side.

Choosing Multiples of 5

Investigate the probability of selecting multiples in a group of real numbers.

Triangles in a Hexagon

Determine the probability that a point inside a hexagon is also inside a triangle that shares common vertices.

Varying Probabilities

Examine the probability of a spinner landing in a sector of a circle graph with unequal areas.

Triangle Inside a Parallelogram

Determine the probability that a point inside a triangle will also be in a parallelogram.

Monte Carlo Method

Generate random numbers to find a mystery number related to the radius of a circle.