Let’s Make a Deal

Find the best method for winning a car behind a mystery door.

Buying Cereal for Prizes

Determine the number of cereal boxes you would need to purchase in order to collect all of the prizes.

Rolling Dice

Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities as you increase the number of times that dice are rolled.

Which One is Better?

Compare which test is better by looking at the means and standard deviations.

Analyzing Test Scores

Determine the Variance and Standard Deviation of a set of test scores.

Scoring the Vault

Determine a gymnast’s score on the vault if the vault was her worst/best event.

Coca-Cola Popularity

Determine the sample size of a group of people in a taste test as more people are introduced into the survey.

The Last Math Exam

Predict a pattern between two frequencies that determines the mean score on a math exam.

Introducing Outliers

Observe changes in the mean, median, and mode of a data set as you introduce an outlier.

Center of Gravity

Compare the arithmetic mean of a group of data points to its line of best fit. vertices.